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Simulation of Focused Ion Beam Processes

Focused ion beams are capable of producing nanometer scale structures in almost any substrate. Our current interest in the topic stems from the desire of fabricating stamps for nanoimprint lithography using ion beams (see also NILaustria, press release).

Schematics of direct-write NIL stamp fabrication using ion beams

We are developing two simulators: one using a continuum approach (IonShaper), and one based on a Monte Carlo approach (FIBSIM). The continuum approach is based on the calculation of fluxes, which are then converted into velocities of surface points. In the Monte Carlo approach individual trajectories are followed, and changes to the substrate are recorded in volume cells. The Monte Carlo approach therefore also yields information about the changes in the substrate, while the continuum approach usually is computationally more efficient.

Motivation: CHARPAN/NIL, FIB simulation (stamp picture)

Simulation approach: continuum model (flux picture)


Input from MC


Calculation of fluxes in the continuum approach.