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Gottfried Strasser

Univ. Prof. Dr. 



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MBE Crystal Growth

MBE (molecular beam epitaxy) techniques allow the epitaxialgrowth of different compounds. One of the model materials for optoelectronics are epitaxial layers of III-V semiconductors, mainly GaAs and related compounds. The controlled growth of single crystalline layers on an atomic scale makes it possible to design new materials with optimized electrical and optical characteristics.

The modular GEN II solid source MBE machine in ourcleanroom is a system specially designed for high quality growth of III-V materials. 8 different sources can be used to grow AlAsInAsGaAs and any terniary compound (AlGaAs,InGaAsInAlAs) with different doping concentrations. In situ RHEED measurements are used to monitor surface conditions and growth rate.


Photonic Devices

The term photonics refers to the generation, emission, reflection, transmission and absorption, as well as to the modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, and detection of light. Photonics covers all technical applications of light over the whole electromagnetic spectrum from the ultraviolet over the visible to the near- and mid-infrared down to the THz spectral range, where the proximity to electronics requires novel concepts and technologies. Our research is focused on the demonstration of novel photonics devices, lasers as well as detectors, with a strong focus on intersubband transitions.