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Impressions from the Weber group

Cool results on top-down fabricated Ge RFETs using our new Lakeshore PS100 probe station.
The border between order and disorder is a thin window only.
Prof. Smoliner tries to explain the new Hall-setup.
Ferroelectric HZO is a girl's best friend.
The results are nice, but what do we see?
e-gun status: armed!
The new Witec microscope has just arrived.
Christmas athmosphere: Unpacking the new Witec microscope.
Raphael is measuring, Prof. Smoliner is desperately reading the manual.
Hairdressers taking care of the Helium vessel.
Raphael, our CEO.
Meanwhile Prof. Pogany and Lukas are measuing a lot of noise...
Masiar characterizing Ge based nanowire transistors...
The new lab is finally fully operational, the installation-crew went for holidays.
Good vibes in the lab, the new Helium shipment has just arrived...no Helium no fun...
Just another day at the office...
Ladder to success...
Fun in the low-noise lab?