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Project and Sponsors

Overview Workpackages

The ATMO-SENSE project is structured into 3 technical parts (WPs 2-5), each lead by another member of the consortium (IOG, PAG, nanoplus), and one part adressing management, dissemination and exploitation (WP 1), lead by the project coordinator (IOG). The following shows a short description of the WPs including Gantt chart:

Fig. 1. Work package overview (total effort
per WP and partner in person-months).

Goals of the Workpackages

WP 1: Management, Dissemination and Exploitation of the results

Initiate, manage and administer the project, ensure the efficient sharing of information within the project and the dissemination and promotion of the project results. Ensuring a smooth coordination and implementation of the project work plan (WP 2-5), within the legal time and budget constraints.

- Maximization of ATMO-SENSE scientific and technical impact through adequate communication strategy

- Efficient dissemination measures and a pro-active results exploitation plan


WP 2: Gain material design and growth

- Design and growth of reliable ICL-based structures -> reproducible wavelength and performance

- Characterization of test-structures


WP 3: Device fabrication, testing and characterization

- Development of 2nd order ring-DFBs for ICLs

- Device testing & optimization


WP 4: Optimization of FP-PTI for gas sensing

- Advance the 1st generation of QCL-based Fabry-Pérot (FP) photothermal interferometry (PTI) from the
  existing (pre-ATMO-SENSE) set-up to a portable gas sensor for measuring N2O, CO2 and O3 employing
  surface emitting

- Determination of analytical figures of merit of the laboratory set-up


WP 5: Design of a portable sensor and field measurements

- Construction of a fully functional and portable FP-PTI gas sensor

- First field tests and comparison with reference methods / laboratory performance 


Fig. 2. Gantt chart.