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Ao. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hobler




Process Simulation

FIB milling of a side wall (more info)

Process simulation provides a better understanding of individual process steps, saves time and cost in the design and optimization of new technologies, and helps solve problems in manufacturing. Our focus of interest are ion beam related processes such as ion implantation and sputtering, and post-implant thermal processes. We are interested both in the numerical algorithms and in modeling of the process physics and chemistry.

Current topics of intere

  • Simulation of focused ion beam processes: We are developing a simulation program for the topography evolution under a focused ion beam, including sputtering, etching, and deposition. We follow a continuum as well as a Monte Carlo approach.
  • Simulation of the SmartCutTM process: In collaboration with SOITEC, we have developed a kinetic Monte Carlo program to describe defect evolution during the initial stages of the SmartCutTM process, the most important method for the fabrication of SOI wafers.
  • Simulation of ion implantation and thermal annealing: Our traditional field of expertise with some activities still going on from time to time. Several of our models have been implemented in state-of-the-art commercial TCAD simulators.

If you are interested in our simulation software, visit the Simulation Software page and contact me regarding availability and terms and conditions.

If you are a student and are interested in the simulation methods and their application on the nanoscale, you can learn more in the course Materialien, Prozesse und Technologien der Mikroelektronik.

If you want to join our team, check our topics offered for diploma theses and dissertations, or contact me.